LIFE | What's In My Bag (Good bye furfauxsake, hello thismeanswore!)

I've been pretty busy over the last couple of months, what with moving away to uni and everything, so I thought it could be nice to do a bit of a 're-brand' on here! I think the new name is a bit more appropriate for a fashion blog, and when I have a bit of time I'm going to attempt to HTML a theme for myself- providing I can remember how from my MySpace days.
ANYWAY! this is my 'what's in my bag' post, something that every blogger in the world has probably done before me, so no points for originality.

This is just my everyday bag that I take out when I don't have classes. I bought my purse a couple of weeks ago from primark (£4, can you believe) its a nice size and I love the studded design.
My lovely glittery make up bag was a Max Factor freebee years ago, and I keep all of my basics in there, although I don't think I have ever touched up my make-up while out before (forgetful!) but as a lady, I have to carry these things. I keep a planner in my bag at all times because I'm useless at keeping dates. The one I use is a University planner, because I like people to know I'm clever enough to be at university. The iPod classic was lent to me by my sister after my nano broke, and my phone is a Blackberry 8900, if you're thinking about getting one I recommend avoiding, they keyboard is the only good thing about it. I also carry my glasses which I never, ever wear, my keys with my piggy keyring and a rosy Vaseline which is essential for every girl at this time of year!


  1. Love the word play on the new name. Love seeing inside peoples bags too - so nosy! x

  2. I love a what's in my bag post, i'm so nosey. I have the same ipod but i think it's on its last legs and this makes me very sad. x Lizz