A weekend in Brighton

This past weekend my and I BFF paid a visit to the 10th annual Brighton Tattoo Convention. We went to Vbites vegan cafe for a proper fry up to fortify us for the day. The food was brilliant, and I will definitely be heading back next time I'm in town to sample some more bits off the menu (they do a vegan kebab. A VEGAN KEBAB!) They also have a little deli area where they sell their own faux meat and dairy products as well as a few bits from other brands.

The convention took place in the Brighton Center and consisted to two main areas, the main room is of course the room where the tattooing took place. Each artist or shop has their own booth where many sell prints and accessories as well as displaying any flash they have for the weekend. Its a great place to to find new artists and, if you're local, getting appointments with artist who live up country or internationally. The place was quite literally buzzing with talent, and we had the opportunity to see some truly fantastic pieces of artwork being created.
On the ground floor there was a shopping area where small business had salls set up. We had a brilliant time browsing, trying moonshine (the roasted apple one is ah-may-zing) and photoboothing. Downstairs also host a bar/venue for the evening party where bands played, which admittedly we didn't stay for because we were too tired.

All in all we had a really lovely day out seeing a lot of cool stuff over the day. I do wish I'd bought more art prints though!

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