I say 'new' I actually go this jacket for my Birthday back at the start of June, but I've been a bit too busy reblogging pictures of dogs on Tumblr to show you all.
I'm pretty sure this was the bargain of a lifetime. I posted a few months back about how much I wanted this jacket, but obviously being £295 it didn't really seem likely that I would ever be able to have one of my own. Still, I would wander in to Whistles every time I walked past one of their stores and try her on while sighing in both sadness and lust- the staff must have thought I was mental!
It was on one of these embarrassingly frequent visits that the shop assistant informed me that the jacket was the last one in stock, so it was a 3rd off, and once it clicked in my head that a 3rd off of £295 was a shit load of money, I frantically phoned my Mum to tell her I had found my Birthday present and that she needed to buy it for me right then and there or I would die. Luckily she complied and I walked out of Whistles with my dream jacket smiling giddily, and as pleased as punch.
Sadly its been a bit too hot to wear her a lot over the summer, but I think I'll get plenty of wear as we plan on spending the rest of our lives together!